【ssS.t.B.kss】for crafting Mini DIY(Joy's TikTok Live)

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1. You need to DIY paste it yourself, through DIY, you can turn it into different decorations.

2. The appearance is exquisite and easy to use. After pasting, it is recommended to leave it for 1~2 hours to improve the firmness after pasting.

3. The product can be used as car decoration, office decoration, bedside lamp decoration, bar decoration, display decoration.

Product information:

Name: 【ssS.t.B.kss】for crafting Mini DIY

Material: Environmental Protection Resin

Craft: Handmade

Products include: Resin Small Wine Bottle

Usage Scenarios: diy phone case beauty materials, diy children's hair accessories / hair clips / hair rope accessories, diy jewelry accessories, diy children's hand and footprint clay materials

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